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Announcements for 11/20/2023

Menu for 11/20/23: Mini Corn Dogs, glazed carrots, fresh veggies & dip
Breakfast for 11/21/23: Mini French Toast
Menu for 11/21/23: Turkey & Roll, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn & green beans
Choices: No choices this week

PBIS Winners: TBA

Happy Birthday to: Favio Padilla, Austin Bradley

*Thanksgiving Break will begin at the end of the day on Tuesday, November 21st. There will be NO school for the TVSC from Wednesday, November 22nd - Friday, November 24th. School will resume on Monday, November 27th.
*Yearbook order forms are now available in the office and have been passed out in classes. Yearbooks are $20 and you may also order them online at ybpay.com Yearbook ID Code: 11123024 and School Name: TIPPECANOE VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL.

*Middle School Students (grades 6-8 boys & girls) now have the opportunity to participate in a private Viking Strong. This will be ran by Coach Zolman and Coach Webster starting Wednesday, November 15th from 7-7:40 a.m. There will be a shuttle bus provided to transport students from the high school to the middle school.

*A fundraiser will be held for the National History Day Project. Our goal is to raise $250 to win first place. Please help us by paying $1 on November 21st and in return you get to wear a hat for the day and donate to a great project. All proceeds will go towards the National History Day Project. If you have questions, please see William Cunningham or Mackenzie Brown.

*Student council:
Next meeting: Dec. 7th, 2023
Location: Upstairs Health Room
Time: 10:30 am
Expectation: You must not have any 1's on Employability Skills
You must not be on cafe the day of the meeting. If you are stamped to go to a teacher for remediation on the day of the meeting, you must go to the teacher first.

*November 28th there will be a Junior Book Club held at the Bell Memorial Public Library from 5-6 p.m. in the YA Room. This is open to ages 8-12 years old.

*November 30th there will be a Lego Club held at the Bell Memorial Public Library from 5-6 p.m. in the YA Room. This is open to all ages.

*The TVMS FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students) will meet on Tuesday mornings. The meetings will begin at 7:30 a.m. and will be held in the library. Any student at TVMS is welcome to come. If school is delayed or cancelled - we will NOT meet. Our goal is to support each other in faith and fellowship as we study the Bible. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Michel in the library.

*Viking Vittles will be available once again. Viking Vittles operates like Boomerang Backpacks. On Fridays, a bag of food will be sent home with students to help provide a meal and snacks for the weekend. If this is something you are interested in, please come to the office, and pick up a permission form. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Wilson in the cafeteria at 574-598-2200.

*Breakfast is served daily from 7:45-8:10 a.m.

*ATTENTION STUDENTS & PARENTS: If you are going to be leaving during school hours for any sort of appointment, funeral or activity please send a note to school or an email to Mrs. Simons at [email protected]. She will then give a pass to the student when it is time for the student to leave. Any questions please contact the office at 574-598-2249.

*Parents/Students: If you are changing your end of the day travel plans, please make sure changes are made by 2:30 p.m. each day. Please call the middle school office at 574-598-2200 with the changes that need to be made so we can make sure that the student is notified in a timely manner.

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Scott Backus

Principal's Message

Welcome to TVMS!  The start of a new school year is always filled with possibilities, excitement for new adventures, and of course the apprehensions of new teachers, new friends, and new experiences.  
At TVMS, we work hard to support students through the toughest stretch of the educational journey.  The middle school years see physical maturity kick into high gear and educational rigor increase.  Your cute little elementary school student will become a growing teenager in the next three years.  Students sort out who they are, where they want to steer their journey to a successful life, and they try to navigate this through all of life's other distractions that early teen years bring.  
Our goal is to help each student navigate this journey and come out at the end of eighth grade successful and ready for high school and the life they want to build beyond.  Some will sail through this, some will hit rough waters, all will have highs and lows.  We strive to help every student build character, leadership, and life skills to be able to overcome struggles and see success during their time at TVMS.
As always, parents and guardians play a huge role in student success.  We welcome communication and a collaborative relationship with parents throughout the school year.  Be involved and supportive of your student's journey and of your student's school.
We are excited to work with you and your student this school year.  I want to wish everyone a wonderful school year!
Scott Backus
Principal, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School

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  • Viking Vittles TVMS serves food insecure students with this weekend backpack program.
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