Principal's Message

Scott Backus
Welcome to TVMS!  The start of a new school year is always filled with possibilities, excitement for new adventures, and of course the apprehensions of new teachers, new friends, and new experiences.  
At TVMS, we work hard to support students through the toughest stretch of the educational journey.  The middle school years see physical maturity kick into high gear and educational rigor increase.  Your cute little elementary school student will become a growing teenager in the next three years.  Students sort out who they are, where they want to steer their journey to a successful life, and they try to navigate this through all of life's other distractions that early teen years bring.  
Our goal is to help each student navigate this journey and come out at the end of eighth grade successful and ready for high school and the life they want to build beyond.  Some will sail through this, some will hit rough waters, all will have highs and lows.  We strive to help every student build character, leadership, and life skills to be able to overcome struggles and see success during their time at TVMS.
As always, parents and guardians play a huge role in student success.  We welcome communication and a collaborative relationship with parents throughout the school year.  Be involved and supportive of your student's journey and of your student's school.
We are excited to work with you and your student this school year.  I want to wish everyone a wonderful school year!
Scott Backus
Principal, Tippecanoe Valley Middle School