TVSC Lunch Assistance Information

Reminder: Please don't hesitate to reach out to apply for meal/textbook assistance. Complete an application in Skyward to begin receiving this type of assistance. You will be notified by the School Treasurer if application is approved. Free and reduced lunches are available to families meeting the monthly income guidelines set forth by the State of Indiana. Families qualifying for free or reduced lunches automatically qualify for free or reduced breakfast.
Visit - Click the green button labeled Skyward.
To apply online, go to Skyward.
1. Select Your Student
2. Food Service Tab
3. Applications Tab (above the Lunch Calendar tab)
4. Add Application
5. Complete the Application then Click Submit
6. You will be notified by the School Treasurer if your application is approved or denied.
Don't hesitate to call the school offices for any additional questions or guidance.
Wanting to pay for school lunches online? (this link is located on our website for your convenience).
If you have not registered for online payment, you will need your child’s id number to complete the registration process. You may contact the school to receive the id number.